We deploy cutting-edge research and analytics

Our expertise in search engine optimization and social media channels is one of the best in the industry

Our online analytics teams are experts in honing in to the sweet spot that balances Google’s guidelines and what is commercially optimal for you. We use progressive methodologies to utilize search as a tool to garner customer attention, acquisition and retention. Our technology engines are constantly measuring, analyzing and innovating.

Our solutions are seamless

Our teams work together to provide end-to-end solutions with single point accountability.

Our results are delivered with fixed cost and committed timelines

The foundation of our project planning is early-stage client involvement and meticulous attention to detail.

We deploy best-of-breed technology platforms

Our teams are constantly researching and deploying new technologies to ensure your competitiveness.

Our Main Service Offerings

Integrated Digital Marketing

GreenPoint’s approach to integrated marketing entails creating a unified and seamless experience for target client bases.

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Branding and Website Design

Our branding strategies incorporate the establishment of fast and meaningful foot print with long-term traction.

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Customer Acquisition, Retention and Tracking

We use a variety of time-tested techniques to assist our clients in customer acquisition and retention.

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Our Specific Services


Social Media Strategy Creation and Management

We leverage the power of content and social media marketing to connect to the target audience and customer base.Read More »

Customer Outreach Strategy

Outreach marketing aims to take marketing back to its roots and focuses on a human to human connection and the basics of consumer psychology.Read More »

Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization strategies are time tested to getting more traffic by integrating content with search engine optimization and social media marketing.Read More »

E-Mail and calling campaigns

Grow your list and deliver valuable content with a custom email campaign.Read More »

App Development

Our experience in app development is the key in helping our clients navigate through concept, function, design, development and app approval process.Read More »

Website Analytics

Our proprietary web analytics tools assess website effectiveness and assist in business and market research.Read More »