Customer Outreach Strategy

Customer Outreach Strategy

Outreach marketing aims to take marketing back to its roots and focuses on a human to human connection and the basics of consumer psychology. It’s a philosophy that aims to fix the damage and confusion that all of the buzzwords have caused and bring marketing back to a simple level and the fact that it’s as simple as connection with your consumers instead of a process of marketing at them.

If we develop a strategy that looks to how humans have always wanted to learn about and hear about new things, our marketing and digital PR will be so much better for it.

People are wired to trust a third party recommendation more than someone talking about themselves. Whether it’s a guy at a cocktail party trying to promote himself for a date or a brand trying to convince a consumer that they are the best—it’s all the same.

Outreach marketing is all about reaching out to the right people at the right time to help you tell your brand’s story. This can include anyone from individuals with a large social presence who fit snugly within your brand’s niche to the uber happy consumer who takes it upon himself/herself to tell everyone how much he/she loves your product.

A giant piece of outreach marketing is bringing consumers and people who love your brand in to your brand instead of treating them like an extension of your brand.

Outreach marketing ditches the campaign model (in the traditional sense of the words) and embraces ongoing relationships and owning those relationships instead of outsourcing marketing and PR efforts for a “one and done” strategy.

This type of marketing has a strong focus on authenticity and relevance as opposed to number of followers and numerical qualifiers. Things like SEO, rank, social presence and followers all fall in to place as a result of authentic marketing and brand recommendations.

Outreach marketing involves a quest for the creative ways and people to tell your brand’s story. It looks outside the box to all sorts of people with different perspectives.

Outreach marketing is about real relationships. Which, put simply, is taking in to careful consideration mutually beneficial relationships. Meaning marketers take care of their advocates and influencers and don’t hesitate to incentivize and reward them for their help.

Outreach marketing takes in to consideration strategies that span the entire digital realm and non-digital world where people still have conversations about brand and products. When implementing a digital strategy, outreach marketing involves a plan that embraces multiple channels through one person.

Outreach marketing embraces the fact that we live in a grey world and marketing is no exception. This strategy hesitates to draw black and white lines and follow sets of rules.