App Development

App Development

Our experience in app development is the key in helping our clients navigate through concept, function, design, development and app approval process. Clearly the most important challenge is for our clients’ apps to stand out in the crowded marketplace. With the shift from desktops to mobile, the need for an app is indispensable but a misconceived and executed all can hurt a brand’s credibility.

App development projects can be tricky if the motivations and expectations of the clients and developers are not aligned. We follow a rigorous app project methodology framework with achievable timeline and frequent checkpoints and important milestones.

At project inception, we ask detailed questions to ascertain clients’ criteria for the app’s success. These include their goals for the app, the framework for the app, i.e. is it part of a software as a service offering, or an ecommerce platform, does it need social media integration. The time we take to communicate with our clients pays off when the app is delivered and results are visible through traffic and usage.

Our app approval submission process follows specific guidelines for the two major platforms. For Apple it includes the iOS Human Interface Guidelines, the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines and the App Store Review Guidelines. For Android, we follow the Android launch checklist, Google play policies and agreements. Through the development process we test for quality and assess the app’s content rating and maximum size requirements. If the apps exceed the size limits, we provide secondary downloads with APK expansion files.

We use app store optimization (ASO) techniques is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app’s store. A vast majority of apps are discovered through app store searches, and higher ranking is directly linked to the probability of a download. ASO requires a clear understanding of target customer base including targeted search keywords. Target customers search for terms directly related to the underlying business products or services. Brand affinity can also help boost app position in search results, as well as keyword title integration and other factors. dApps also should be linked directly from the related websites with direct download links.